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Lila Rasa

Rose Quartz Slim Yoni Wand

Rose Quartz Slim Yoni Wand

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Rose Quartz is an exquisite crystal that is highly revered as the "love stone." This crystal is believed to have powerful healing properties that can help you align with self-appreciation and self-love. By embracing self-love, you become better equipped to attract and maintain healthy relationships, both in your personal and professional life. Connected to the heart chakra, Rose Quartz can help ground you and assist you in becoming more compassionate, kind, and patient with yourself.

Our Slim Yoni Wand is perfect for those who prefer a slimmer size for stimulation. It's an ideal size for beginners who want to start exploring the benefits of using a Yoni Wand. The phallic design of this wand is excellent for de-armouring the vagina and cervix, making it a perfect tool for healing and releasing any trapped emotions or negative energy.

Crafted from pure, raw crystals sourced directly from the earth, each wand is completely unique and holds a special vibration that can help you with your journey of self-discovery and pleasure. As we move away from vibrators' highly goal-focused stimulation to reach orgasms, we lean towards creating a deeper sense of self-intimacy and solo eroticism. Using our Yoni Wand can help you work with your body and tune into your own sensations, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying experience.

To enhance its healing properties, we bathe all our crystals in moonlight, so they're ready for you to use right away. The Slim Yoni Wand is approximately 17 x 3cm in size, making it easy to handle and maneuver during use. All our Yoni Wands are handmade with care, ensuring that each one has a smooth finish. Please be advised that as natural crystals, slight variations in size and shape are normal and to be expected due to the individual handcrafting process.

Investing in a Yoni Wand is a beautiful way to show love and care for yourself. It's an opportunity to explore your sensuality, release negative energy, and awaken your feminine power. With the Slim Yoni Wand and its exquisite Rose Quartz crystal, you're sure to experience a deep sense of pleasure and connection to yourself.

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