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Lila Rasa

Rose Quartz Beaded Yoni Wand

Rose Quartz Beaded Yoni Wand

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Rose Quartz is known as the "love stone" and is deeply connected to the feminine energy of the goddess. This beautiful crystal works to align you with self-appreciation and self-love, because true love starts with you. As you cultivate this sense of love and appreciation for yourself, Rose Quartz can also help bring harmony to your relationships, both personal and professional. Connected to the heart chakra, this stone will help you feel grounded and centered, allowing you to be more compassionate and kind towards yourself and others.

The sleek, curved pleasure wand is a beautiful and sacred tool for connecting with your goddess energy. As you explore its beaded dimensions, you can penetrate deep within yourself to experience full-body sensations and unlock powerful energetic pathways. The wand's curve is perfectly designed to stimulate your G-spot, helping you to awaken your inner goddess and experience the divine pleasure that is your birthright. This beaded curved massage wand is dedicated to helping you tap into your inner goddess and feel connected to the divine feminine. With its feminine energy and exquisite beauty, it's the perfect tool for exploring your sensuality and discovering new levels of pleasure.

Our Beaded Yoni Wand is approximately 19 x 3cm and is handmade and carefully crafted for a smooth finish. Please be advised that these are natural crystals and may come with slight variations and slight size variations that are completely normal due to them being individually handcrafted. Allow this sacred tool to help you connect with your inner goddess and experience the fullness of your feminine power.

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