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Lila Rasa

Red Jasper Butt Plug

Red Jasper Butt Plug

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Red Jasper is a natural stone that can provide a sense of purpose and confidence, helping you work through life with a steady and gradual approach. This stone promotes healthy boundaries and helps you balance your time, energy, and space. Connected to the solar plexus and base chakra, Red Jasper embodies commitment and passion, promoting sensuality and sexuality.

Our crystal Butt Plugs are made from pure materials and can help you discover orgasmic pleasure points in the highly sensitive anal and prostate region. Our anal plugs are intended for both men and women and can intensify orgasms by stimulating the prostate muscles for men and indirectly stimulating the G-spot and clitoris for women.

Our Butt Plugs are approximately 8 x 3.5cm and are handcrafted for a smooth finish. Please note that natural crystals may come with slight variations in size and appearance, which is completely normal.

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