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Lila Rasa

Green Aventurine Slim Yoni Wand

Green Aventurine Slim Yoni Wand

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Green Aventurine is a stone that can help you manifest abundance into your life, not just in terms of material wealth but in all aspects, including love and emotional fulfillment. This stone is connected to the heart chakra, and it can assist you in building your self-worth, creating a harmonious balance between giving and receiving.

If you're someone who prefers a slimmer size for stimulation, the slim nature of our Yoni Wand is perfect for you. It is an ideal size for beginners, and the phallic design of the wand is perfect for de-armouring the vagina and cervix.

Our Yoni Wands are made from pure, raw crystals sourced from the Earth, each one unique and holding a special vibration that can aid you in your journey of self-discovery and pleasure. We believe in exploring the deeper, more sensual aspects of our bodies, focusing on self-intimacy and solo eroticism rather than solely seeking to reach orgasm.

Our crystals can help you work with your body, guiding you to release and tune in to your own sensations. Each of our crystals is blessed and bathed in moonlight, ready for your touch and ready to help you explore your sensuality in new and exciting ways.

This Yoni Wand measures approximately 17 x 3cm and is handcrafted for a smooth finish. Please be advised that natural crystals may come with slight variations and slight size differences due to being individually handcrafted.

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