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Lila Rasa

Black Obsidian Curved Yoni Wand

Black Obsidian Curved Yoni Wand

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Black Obsidian is a sacred stone of the earth, formed from volcanic glass and imbued with powerful energy. As a stone of protection, it acts as a divine shield against negativity and can be used for psychic self-defense. Connected to the base chakra, Black Obsidian helps to cut ties that have been draining your energy, so that you may rise up and move forward on your path. This powerful stone can also assist in alleviating pain and support recovery from shock, trauma, and abuse. It is a stone that will empower you to reclaim your divine power, forgive the past, and embrace a future filled with grace and joy.

The delicate curve of this wand is designed to awaken the sacred G-spot, allowing for intentional pleasure both spiritually and sensually.

Our wands are crafted from pure, raw crystals that are a gift from the divine earth mother. Each wand is a unique expression of her sacred energy, and holds a special vibration to guide you on your journey of self-discovery and pleasure.

As we embrace our goddess energy and move away from vibrators' highly goal-oriented stimulation to reach orgasm, we open ourselves to a deeper sense of self-intimacy and eroticism. Our crystals work in harmony with your body, helping you to release and tune in to your own divine sensations.

All of our crystals have been blessed and bathed in the light of the full moon, ready to awaken your inner goddess.

This wand measures approximately 17.5 x 3cm and is carefully handcrafted for a smooth finish. Please note that natural variations in colour, size, and texture are normal, as each wand is a unique creation of the divine earth mother.

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