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Lila Rasa

Amethyst Thick Yoni Wands

Amethyst Thick Yoni Wands

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Indulge in the luxurious experience of the Amethyst Yoni Wand - an ultra-calming crystal that can help you achieve mental clarity and peacefulness. This crystal is connected to the Third Eye chakra, and is believed to be the stone of spiritual awakening. Its calming properties make it a great choice for those who struggle with stress, anxiety, overwhelming feelings, sleep disorders, and addictions.

For those who enjoy a fuller feel, the Amethyst Yoni Wand's thick design provides a satisfyingly full sensation upon insertion. Its phallic shape is also perfect for de-armouring the vagina and cervix, allowing you to fully explore your body and experience heightened pleasure.

Each wand is made from pure, raw crystals from the Earth, giving them unique and special vibrations that can aid in your journey of self-discovery and pleasure. As you move away from vibrators' goal-focused stimulation to reach orgasm, the Amethyst Yoni Wand helps you connect with your body and release and tune in to your own sensations.

Rest assured that each wand has been blessed and bathed in Moonlight, making it ready for your touch. With dimensions of approximately 17.5 x 4.5 cm, this wand is perfect for those who are looking for a slightly thicker size.

Our Yoni Wands are carefully crafted by hand to ensure a smooth finish. Please keep in mind that because these wands are made of natural crystals, slight variations in size and appearance are normal and add to their uniqueness.

Invest in the Amethyst Yoni Wand today and treat yourself to the ultimate self-care experience.

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