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Root Chakra and Anal Sex.

When discussing anal sex, it is essential to consider your energy system. The Muladhara chakra is the root of the body’s energy. This means that it grounds us and plants us firmly into the embrace of the earth.

It develops between conception and puberty, which makes it the first chakra to mature fully. It is represented by the colour red, and links to our survival instincts and safety in the world. The connection that the Muladhara has to anal sex is powerful, as one cannot open it if one doesn’t feel safe to. 

The foundation of our being

The Muladhara chakra can be referred to as the “foundation of our being.” The root chakra can be found at the base of the spine called the coccyx and can be accessed at the perineum. In women, the perineum is located between the vaginal opening and the anus. In men, the perineum is the space between the scrotum and the anus. If your root is not grounded, you will feel misaligned with your own energy. 


The Root Chakra is the base of our life force energy and acts as the link between the outside physical world and our internal energetic system—it gives us the motivation to get up each day, eat, and procreate.


If our root is unbalanced we experience an array of unbalanced behaviours and experiences. An imbalance of your life force energy, held by the root, can leave us feeling restless, insecure and without energy. This imbalance can then start to manifest in depression, rage, low-self- esteem and anxiety. Feelings of suicidal thoughts can also occur. Without grounding this energy we can start to feel like we lack a sense of belonging and feel disjointed from the world.

Working with our root

Healing the root chakra is directly linked to doing ancestral work and healing the ancestral trauma of our lineages. Generation after generation of your cultural history lives unconsciously in the root and is passed down. Cyclical family patterns live in the root and by working on these we free the energy. The root teaches you to survive, but we are now safe enough to work through these wounds and thrive. Letting them go and allowing our energy to flow. 

In her paper, Root Chakra Healing: Everything you need to Know. Dr Stephanie Nicols ND speaks about how the “karmas of our past and current lives lie in the energy of Root Chakra,” and that “...these energies may lay dormant, but when met with the right conditions, they may present themselves in many forms in the body—mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, and/or psychological.” 

Noting that “we are continually adding to the “pile” of “seeds” in the Root Chakra, all of which will eventually manifest themselves in mental, emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual forms.”

Sex and the root

Anal play can be a powerful portal into healing and working with the root chakra. By embracing the profound potential of our innermost selves, we can unlock our nervous system, experience deeper orgasms, and release old narratives ingrained in our minds and bodies on what it is to connect to our roots. 

The anus, connected to the root chakra and coccygeal plexus of nerves, offers a powerful pathway to explore these sensations. The root chakra holds sway over our sexual function and excretory system. During times of stress, cortisol, a steroid hormone, is released in our bodies, causing the anal sphincter to contract among the first responses. In fight or flight mode, blood flow is redirected from our intestines and waste system to our extremities, preparing us to flee. By consciously soothing our nervous systems and allowing ourselves to feel, expand, and experience orgasm, we embark on a deeply healing journey. With regular practice, this approach can gradually reverse the long-term effects of stress.

Therefore, engaging in anal play, requires deep connection, communication, and trust. It can be an incredibly pleasurable, activating, and healing experience. 
Working with the root can bring up many emotions, it is important to make room for them. You are working with your base, remembering to honour your body in the process. 

It can be incredibly healing working experiencing anal. I find that my body only opens and welcomes anal sex when I am feeling grounded enough to receive it. It also requires a level of safety with my partner, trusting energy, or else my body won’t open that way. But when it does, my body welcomes my partner in and opens so beautifully. It can be the most life-altering and consciousness-shifting experience when done with respect for your body. 

Opening naturally and enjoying anal 

There are a few things to note when working with the anus:

The anus isn’t self-lubricating.

So make sure to have a good lube or coconut oil available. Anal doesn’t have to be painful, in fact, it can be extremely pleasurable. Just tune into your body and listen, and add lube.

Activate your partner's body.

It is also important to spend some time in foreplay to activate your partner's body or your own, allowing them to drop into their parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and allowing them to open to you naturally. We often rush the process and this can lead to the body not being ready to fully open and receive.


When we are trying new or uncomfortable things we tend to hold our breath. My recommendation with anal is to focus on the breath and allow it to help you relax into yourself. Allow it to help you open up. Holding the breath creates tension in the body. 

Let go of judgement.

Emotions will arise when working with the root. Let go of all judgement and allow yourself to sit in the emotions that arise. All are welcome. All releases are welcome. 

Slow down.

There is no rush. Move slowly with yourself, or with your partner's strokes. Once your body feels ready, you can always adjust your pace. Slowly is holy.


Start small.

Begin your anal exploration with a gentle start, using a pinky finger or gradually adding more fingers for pleasure and finding your rhythm. 

When it comes to larger objects like toys or a penis, applying pressure (bearing down while accepting the object) can help ease initial penetration, minimising discomfort or a burning sensation. It might sound intimidating, but it's actually the most pleasurable way to introduce something into your anus. If concerns about defecation arise, opt for a light meal and wait until after a bowel movement before starting. Remember, accidents can happen and allow for them too.

Embodying your root through anal can have the most healing effects. Explore safely and let go of any judgement. Pleasure is your birthright, allow for that.

If you are intrigued by anal play, explore our range of crystal butt plugs. Crystals have a beautiful way of grounding and holding you.

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