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Yoni Egg: Release the Feminine Within.

Let’s take a journey to discover the secrets of your Yoni. To start, the term Yoni comes from a Sanskrit word that means “womb.” Yoni, however, encompasses the entirety of the female sex organ, rather than just one part. Yoni is the outside and the inside. But, spiritually, Yoni is where our creative and life energy sits - this is your temple of inner wisdom. Through practise, we can learn to trust this inner temple and your inner Goddess Woman. 

I have written this article with special consideration to Lilou Mace’s book, “The Yoni Egg: Reveal and Release the Sacred Feminine within,” where I found the most beautiful guidance for my practice. I honour you, and your message, thank you. 

What are Yoni Eggs?

Yoni Eggs have always held a special place in history. These eggs are smooth, semi-precious stones that have been harvested from the womb of the earth and carved into the shape of eggs. Filled with unique crystal energy that can be used to support your healing and foster growth. According to ancient Taoist tradition, a strong vagina and pelvic floor intensify the life-force energy. It is still believed that working with a Yoni Egg can lift and intensify the creative energy that is cultivated from within, which amplifies her chi energy outward, where it is transformed into higher spiritual energy. Working with a Yoni Egg can help move stuck energy around- helping to release it. 

Lilou Macė comments, “We are carrying inside that which we so desperately seek on the outside. A profound journey inside ourselves will guide us towards a radiant era where women are really seen for who they are.” 

Benefits of working with Yoni Eggs

Working with a Yoni Egg can have many benefits for both individuals and couples. Its purpose is to allow you to connect deeper with your body and start to listen to it. It is also a tool to help you determine what you find pleasurable as well as how to take care of yourself, gain confidence, restore joy, release tension and rebuild vitality.


  • Surrendering to your Divine Feminine

They can help reveal the inner beauty of living in the feminine. The very nature of having an egg inside of you allows you to consciously connect to your Yoni, and to help you familiarize yourself with your most intimate space. With this is the allowance and surrender to your feminine. We as women live very busy and characteristically masculine lives which throw us out of balance. Due to this, we forget to nurture the feminine and be soft and embodied in our female form. Working with this egg, you are learning how to love yourself and the more you learn to love yourself the more you learn to accept yourself and soften. Feminine perfection does not judge, nor shame, she is soft and playful- accepting of her form. 


  • Connecting to yourself

The Yoni Egg helps to allow you to consciously soften into your femininity, and manifest a softer more embodied life. Through the use of the Yoni Egg, we can begin to offer ourselves the love and attention we have come to expect from the outside. In this way, the Yoni Egg Practice allows you to connect to the strength that you carry inside of you and works as a tool to consciously tap into that power.


  • Working with your sexual energy

Yoni Eggs help you work on various aspects of your sexuality, both on the physical and muscular dimension and then also on the energetic and spiritual dimension and because they can assist you in transforming your sexual energy. 

In an interview Aisha Sieburth comments, “The practices as a whole gradually awaken, transform, and refine sexual energy, allowing us to fully experience our intimacy on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. This life energy is precious and sacred, and its healing and creative potential are enormous!... From a Taoist perspective, sexual energy is the primal matter that is the foundation of the alchemical process that keeps us in good health, transforms our emotions, and encourages spiritual awakening by fully reconnecting to our source.” Reconnecting to your sexual energy and helping it to blossom is one of the biggest benefits of Yoni Egg practice, and this helps you to free your creative energies.

One last thing, the egg can never get lost inside of you. This should relax you a little knowing that you can always just gently pull it out. 

Anatomically how Yoni Eggs work

Yoni Eggs can assist in intensifying orgasms. There is no magic button to achieve orgasm nor any specific technique that works for everybody. The way to intensify your orgasm is through having a better understanding of your body, hearing what it is saying, working towards greater relaxation, and surrendering. 

Working with a Yoni Egg strengthens this connection to self. On the physical side, Yoni Eggs strengthen the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is a hammock-shaped muscle structure at the base of the pelvis. The pelvic floor supports our organs, helps us control retention and excretion through our lower end, and is intricately participative in our sexual pleasure and orgasms. Strengthening these muscles can work magic on your sex life!

Just a note, they can also help to establish regular cycles and provide relief from painful Periods and Menstrual Syndrome. When the hormonal system goes out of balance due to stress, an increase in emotions, diet and the overall pace of life, can weaken the communication bond between the glands and little by little causes the stagnation of energy in the pelvic region. Using a Yoni Egg can help to get this energy moving. However, only practise with a Yoni Egg when you are not currently menstruating, as when we menstruate it is a time of rest and space for release.

Interested in starting a practice with Yoni Eggs, have a look at our collection here. 

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