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Do you store your trauma in your Yoni?

The mind, body, and spirit are all deeply connected. Trauma naturally happens in life, and whether we realize it or not we hold those emotions very tightly in our bodies, much like physical memories, as our bodies remember memories and trauma. You are a direct reflection of your mental and spiritual self, and becoming aware of the tension we hold in our bodies is part of the road to healing.  


The places that we characteristically store our emotions are in our neck, stomach, jaw, and shoulders but we also hold emotion in our yoni. This tension that lies in our yoni comes from any time in your life that you felt ashamed, angered, touched without consent, not in the mood to be touched and even helpless. These emotional responses to the situations, that many women find themselves in, get stored in the muscles in their yoni and instead of feeling open and completely comfortable during sex, this emotion can prevent orgasms and sexual enjoyment. Releasing these emotions and the energy associated can have a very powerful impact on your body, spirit, and mind connection. Therefore, allowing you to move through these emotions and open up, allowing you to move through this trauma.  


The Yoni

The energy center in the yoni is extremely powerful. Our Yoni’s bring life into the world and channeling energy for this center can be life-changing and very empowering. But when our Yoni energy is disrupted by feelings of un-safety or discomfort, we block the natural flow of energy. Opening this back up will allow you to experience sex in a transformative way. Your yoni is not meant to be neglected. As women, we are taught to only pay attention when we are having sex, pregnant, or if we are experiencing pain. But the yoni houses so much more than what it is reduced to. It is a powerhouse. A place of magic and exploration. You just need to tap into this divine feminine power. 

Main Sources for these trapped emotions 

Childbirth is a very beautiful but traumatic experience for the body. When you undergo the process of bringing life into the world, it is only natural to feel some disconnect to your body once the birth is over. Getting used to your body, that housed another for so long, takes time, and reconnecting with yourself takes a little work. There is no shame associated with allowing yourself to reconnect to your new sexual being, just excitement for rediscovering what your body is sexually capable of doing. 

Most women have experienced some form of sexual abuse, which is a sad but true reality. Whether this is as extreme as rape or even being touched when you are not in the mood. The body remembers how you feel while with another person, as it is all an energy exchange. It remembers the way that a man has entered you, sometimes in love and adoration, but sometimes in emotional pain as your body is used to make your partner feel better, a tool for them to work through their emotions. If you aren’t ready or when you are hesitant, your body isn’t ready for penetration, and that moment of hesitancy creates an emotional barrier in your Yoni. Your body is complex and should be respected as such. 

Relationships can be another source of trauma. Allowing someone into our bodies, our most sacred home, is no easy feat. This is whether you realize it or not. Sex is an energy exchange that intertwines two people and this energy exchange can leave emotional blockages once the relationship has ended. Opening yourself back up can be scary, but empowering. Taking back the power that was shared and sometimes taken away can liberate you, you just need to be brave enough to work through these stored emotions.

Techniques to open up your Yoni

Using a Yoni Wand can act as a great starting point to not only help map out your yoni but also release these traumas and tensions. Yoni wands, being made out of crystals, can help release tensions and trauma due to the energy frequency that crystals hold. Picking a yoni wand is intuitive as you will naturally be attracted to a certain type of crystal depending on your energy and how you feel. 


Interested in releasing the trauma stored in your Yoni? Have a look at our collection of Yoni wands and take the next step to heal and reclaim your sexual energy. 

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