Listening to your body using a Yoni Wand. - Lila Rasa

Listening to your body using a Yoni Wand.

I always get asked the question “How do I use a Yoni Wand?” and my answer is always to tune in and trust your intuition, you will always know best.

Start by asking yourself, “What sensations do I find pleasurable?” as this is something that will be extremely unique to you. Some might find this vague, because wouldn’t we all like a quick “How to Guide,” but listening to your inner erotic centre is the easiest way to determine what you like because it is all about you. 

 One woman might find penetration the most pleasurable experience, whereas another might love a slow touch on her vulva or labia explosive. It is all about taking the time to get to know yourself and what you find sensational. By learning how we like to be touched, and what type of sensations we enjoy, we open ourselves up to an endless gateway of self-knowledge and pleasure. Through this play into self-knowing, we also learn how to reclaim our voices.

So this is not a guide but rather a discussion of techniques you might like to try, if they resonate with you, aiding you in discovering and feeling deeply into your sexual and sensual power. It’s all about you, and what sensations you can start deeply allowing yourself to surrender into. 

The Magic of Setting Intention and Crystal Alchemy.

Setting an intention in your practice is very important as it helps guide you towards that which you have chosen to work deeper on. Just like any form of self-care, it's easier to go into your practice with a clear intention to help you move past the physical into a space of mindfulness. If you are ready to work on self-love, closing your eyes, holding your Yoni Wand and speaking words of affirmation into it would be a good start. The Sacred is Simple, so you do not need to overwhelm or overcomplicate your practice. But rather start trusting what feels good to you, lean into that innate erotic intelligence that your body holds.

There are a few ways to begin in your selection of which crystal to choose for your practice. Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy brings to attention two main ways to go about finding a crystal that resonates with you.

Trust in your intuition.

If you check in with yourself and start to listen to that inner knowing, you will come to realize that there is a crystal that you are naturally attracted to. One that seems to call out to you. Listen to that. Crystals hold so much primordial intelligence and work with your body’s auric field to cleanse your energy due to their electromagnetic field and as one studies the makeup of crystals you come to understand that they are made up of sacred geometry, which in turn can help amplify your intentions. 

Research a Crystal. 

One could also take the approach of researching a crystal that might have the properties to assist you in a specific type of healing. But before you research, tune in and first give some thought to what you might need. Some come to us and ask for a stone for love, but what they need is something to help strengthen communication with themselves. So take some time to first tune in.

Starting our practice and Yoni's Acknowledgement. 

Start the most beautiful and fulfilling communication with yourself by acknowledging your Yoni. Your Yoni doesn’t lie, your mind might, but your body always tells the truth. Ever felt uncomfortable around a man or woman who has tried to approach you and you get this unnerving feeling coming from deep inside of you, this is your erotic intelligence at play and your Yoni communicating with you. Tune in and start listening. 

Here are two beautiful ways to help you tune in: 

Holding Work

You could just spend some time holding your Yoni. You could do this just before bed. Cup your entire Yoni and breathe into that sacred space, and see how you feel. What comes up for you? Do you feel safe? Uncomfortable? Irritated? Shame? Guilt? Love? You might even feel a mixture of emotions. All of these emotions are important, and there is no good or bad emotion- they each have their place in our healing. But when we start to acknowledge them and sit with them we take back our power and our choice. We also start to become more honest with ourselves, and more conscious of the state of our internal worlds through the portal of the Yoni.

Claiming and naming your Yoni.

Another way to tune in would be to name your Yoni. Once you start getting to know your Yoni, you will realize that she has a will of her own, and intelligence beyond comprehension. So to do this, I would recommend you stand in front of a mirror, looking at her without judgment but rather with admiration. Observe her shape, colour, and texture. Feel her, is she soft? Hot? Cold? Wet? Observe what emotions present to you and tell her how much you love her and if you chose to, claim a name for her and tell her: “I love you. I am sorry. Thank you for being mine and helping me to find a home in my body. I love you (insert a name.)” 

Yoni Wand Play

Now that we have formed a connection. You can grab your wand and start to play with your Yoni. She should already be ready, slightly swollen and responsive to your acknowledgement of her, whether this is cupping or mirror work or both. But if she isn’t there yet, there is absolutely no rush because it is your playtime. Allow yourself the freedom to take as long as you want with her and surrendering to your body is one of the most empowering feelings. There is no goal, just sensation- what feels good to you.

You could start with the outside of the Yoni. Grab some lube, we stock some amazing lube, or you could even use coconut oil. Running your wand over your labia and seeing how that feels. Rubbing your wand over your vulva, or near your vaginal entrance. How does the crystal wand feel on your clit? Sensually play into exploring the outer regions of your Yoni. How does the coolness of the crystal feel on her heat? Or would you prefer if you first warmed the wand up in your hand? Mindfully check into which sensations you enjoy the most.

Observe how your body responds, do your nipples become erect and swollen? Has your breath swallowed or deepened? Don’t limit yourself to just your Yoni, move your wand around your body as if you are worshipping yourself- because you are. How does the cool wand feel on the curve of your breasts, on your stomach, on the side of your legs where they fold into your Yoni, on your public mount? Surrender into how good it feels to be you, to have your body. 

When you are ready, you could start to move the wand towards your opening and slowly start inserting it. Go slow and be mindful of anything that might come up being penetrated so gently, so controlled, so safely. Play with movement and direction, angling it to what feels good for you. This is your practice, so if you want to speed up or just hold stillness do what feels good to you, and observe the sensations that might arise, allow yourself to feel them. If you begin to feel any emotion that overwhelms you, pause, breathe through it and then tune into your intention so you can distribute the energy.

Remember there is no goal to this practice other than to just be with yourself and the sensation that might arise. Feeling as deeply as you want into your sensation, this is all about you.

Reclaim your voice through breath and sound.

If you would like to play more into the experience, I would encourage you to breathe as deeply as possible, by using oxygen to alchemise any sensations that do not serve you. This will also help you sink deeper into your parasympathetic nervous system- helping you to fully relax. 

Another empowering practice would be to add a voice to your practice. Whether this is moaning, breathing heavily, grunting, screaming or even howling like a wolf. Surrender to the noises that come out of your body and see how it feels to fully experience them without shame, fear or guilt. Just simply being. Simply experiencing how good it feels to be in your presence. 

If you feel a calling to practice Yoni Wand, check out our full collection here. If you have any questions or would like some more guidance, please feel free to contact us. 

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