A Personal Account: How working with a Yoni Wand changed my relationship with my body. - Lila Rasa

A Personal Account: How working with a Yoni Wand changed my relationship with my body.

Working consciously and with an intention has changed the way that I use my Yoni Wand, and the manner in which I view my body. It’s amazing what a little intention can do when put into practice. Playing with that you can release so much, from an emotional release to an increased ability to work with your sexual power, connecting deeper with your body and taking the time to listen. But really listen to what your Yoni is telling you, because she has a voice. In such a fast paced society, it is so easy to lose a sense of self. But by focusing on your body, specifically your Yoni, you can empower and strengthen a part of yourself that you didn't even know you had. 

Set an intention?

The first thing I noticed using my Curved Blue Aventurine Yoni Wand was the energy radiating off of the stone I chose. It is so important to let your intuition lead you when you choose a wand. This is because all stones carry frequencies. Personally, I chose the Blue Aventurine because of the connection it has with self-discipline and strength. Not only this but I felt an instant connection with this stone and it also carried a healing energy. I also loved the curved nature of the wand. This is great for practicing to stimulate internal orgasms by hitting that G-spot.

My practice has been to slowly integrate my Pleasure Wand. Unlike an ordinary sex toy, I find it is best to work with an intention. It’s okay if this intention is only pleasure, but there is an immense amount of power in focusing on something in particular. This can be anything from wanting to release emotions to wanting to experience orgasmic bliss. Setting an intention is also easy to do. Just hold the Yoni Wand in your hand before your practice and imagine a light surrounding it, this light is full of your intention for practice. Remember to also warm your body up, and by this I mean ignite that internal fire- your sexual energy. My hands and face always get extremely hot in anticipation as I slowly arouse myself getting ready to use the wand.

By paying attention to my body responses I can really feel into my pleasure. This heat tends to travel and before I know it, my body is craving penetration.

Emotional Release is so beautiful

There is a beautiful symbiosis of hard and soft when it comes to using a Yoni Wand. Not only is the stone hard, but there is a softness to the manner in which you guide the stone into yourself. I find myself continuously playing with the hardness of inserting something into me but the softness of having control over what’s happening. There is something completely different and healing in having the control of penetration. For me, I have always allowed an intimate partner to have this control, he always inserts himself into me. But with my Yoni Wand there is safety in having control and I allow myself to explore this different dynamic. 

The stone itself is only a tool for emotional release. This is another reason why I find setting an intention so important. However, I also allow whatever emotions to come up and hold space for the way I am feeling after or before my practice. I have used my Yoni Wand and felt absolutely nothing after besides the afterglow from having a good solo sesh. But a few days later I felt a shift in myself, a release of sadness and I couldn’t stop sobbing in the gym parking lot. The funny thing about these releases for me is that there is normally a memory attached and sometimes the release is something unexpected, such as an old hurt I had not had the time to acknowledge. Other times, I feel nothing but bliss and gratitude. So don’t be worried if you have some sort of release after an intentional practice. Just breathe through it and be kind to yourself.

Don’t be afraid to feel into your body

My practice with my Yoni Wand has become a beautiful way to check in with myself. It also helps me accept where I am emotionally and physically. By taking this time you are holding space for yourself. Sometimes I set an intention and I don’t resonate with being penetrated and that’s okay, at least I have taken the time to check in with myself and you can always use the wand eternally as well. Other times my body craves that deep penetration, almost as if it’s the only way I will feel full, and that’s also okay. It’s about checking in. There is an immense delay in how we respond to things and our body reacting to the experience. This helps to balance that delay.

By intentionally touching myself I am taking the time to get to know exactly how I like to be touched. Knowing what you like draws you one step closer to telling your partner/partners about exactly what you like. This is because a Yoni Wand also allows you to play with angles, speed and depth of penetration. It has helped me develop a sense of sexual confidence.

Are you listening to your Yoni?

My Yoni has a name, does yours? By giving my Yoni a name I have given her a voice. She is part of me and should be listened to. What does she want? How does she feel?

This was a difficult and confronting process for me as I found myself rarely listening or just plainly ignoring my Yoni. There have been many times where I have questioned having penetrative sex, but then did it anyway. Or not been in a place to be touched or to touch and did it anyway to please my partner but by doing so I kept sacrificing a part of myself. That hesitancy needs to be listened to and honored. There is an erotic intelligence at work- your Yoni doesn’t lie. My Yoni, she was telling me no, but I pushed past her intrinsic knowledge and in turn did not listen to myself. Using a Yoni Wand has helped me develop a stronger sense of self. My Blue Aventurine Curved Yoni Wand, it has allowed me to take back my power, I am in control and I am safe. I am listening.


It’s not just a sex toy. A Yoni Wand can be extremely healing but don’t be fooled, it's only a tool, you are the one doing the healing. By taking the time to listen to your body you are forming a deeper connection with yourself.

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